Trying to make £££ online

Hi. So… like many others, I am attempting to begin a Freelancing career. If you’ve ever looked into Freelancing, I’m sure there’s many of people who will feel the same. It sounds perfect, right? No more standing in the shower at 7am trying to get your eyes to focus on anything but the idea of jumping back into bed. Or deciding to take the ‘good’ option of taking in your own lunch, only to have eaten it way before lunch time and then continuing to spend the rest of the morning thinking about what to cook for tea. Or hoping, maybe, just maybe, your partner may of made some for you when you walk in through the door. Freelancing sounds most like the dream job that everyone wants but only a few seem to get.

Anyway, with that being said I’ve decided to give it a go and see what happens. What have I got to lose, right? Besides my hopes and dreams.

Typing into Google; ‘Freelancing’ gives you all sorts of weird and wonderful suggestions and ideas. Two of the most frequent that seemed to come up were and Like many, I’m sure, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make myself an account. Bare in mind that I have only been following these sites for a week, I have already found some dodgy deals that to be honest, I probably would have fell for (if I didn’t have my Grandad, who continuously fills my brain with all sorts of horror stories about online scamming and other tragedies he has read on Teletext. Bless him. Thanks, Grandad.)

After finally receiving an offer on, (and jumping around a few times thinking that this was my ticket to Stardom) I was asked to complete two articles for a gentleman from Bangladesh. I will say now that this mistake may of.. slightly… been my fault in getting too wrapped up and not reading the Terms & Conditions properly. Who ever does? Anyway, after completing the two 500 word articles, that frankly took me a lot longer than any content ever has (I wanted to make sure I did a good job), the kind gentleman from Bangladesh disappeared off of the face of the earth.. or at least, off of and didn’t send me any money at all. First mistake. Freelancer do actually have a model in place to protect Freelancers from this sort of thing, allowing them to set up Project Milestones but I thought I would tell my experience to alert any starry-eyed, hyper Freelancers who get ahead of themselves.

My second faux pas came when I applied for a Data-Entry job worth $250. Yes I know, looking back now, the old saying is correct… if it’s too good to be true it probably is. It was. Shortly after applying, I received an extremely ‘genuine’ message asking me to email a certain Gmail account that may as well have been named ‘’. This kind user told me in order to start the job and receive my pay cheque, I would have to send a ‘deposit’ of $25 to their account. You don’t need to be a genius to realise that if you’re offering a Company your services, you don’t normally have to send them YOUR hard-earned cash. After a quick scour of their details, I realised the address they had listed as their company office was nothing more than an empty plot of land. As said before, 100% genuine.

My third and final mistake of the week was similar and came from a Scottish gentleman listed on During a brief email conversation, he asked me if I could list and sell some products for him on as he “travels a lot and can’t keep up with the listings”. The benefit I would receive was a promised 5% commission fee on all products that sold. The products he happened to be selling were Farming machinery, all being listed for £2,500+. If this was legitimate, it would have been a nice healthy income of £125 simply for listing some products. What could be easier? Again, I did a quick FBI background-check that alerted, his business location was actually a furniture shop. Now, I know some furniture shops need to be rather large to fit in some of these corner-sofas etc, that are now being sold. However, I don’t imagine you’d find one large enough to hold a few dozen combine-harvesters.

With that being said, I am going to continue on my journey and see if my luck turns. If nothing else, at least it’s giving me the chance to laugh my way through tears, writing my first blog post on an old laptop in my bedroom… instead of writing articles on a beach in Hawaii as a successful Freelancer. If anyone has any tips, please feel free to send them to me.

Lots of love.

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